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Yesterday I attended another Empowered Beauty Workshop with Tony Ryan and Jennifer the model. And I had a blast.

As per last time I was joined by five other photographers, unlike last time Tony took us to a much more populated location. A small street just off Brunswick Street with plenty of passer-by traffic and lots of lookey-loos.

Jennifer Jennifer

With so much foot traffic about and the odd comment from guys walking past I thought Jennifer would have been put off, but being the professional she is, it was all taken in stride. Even I found that I blocked out the people around and concentrated on the task at hand.

Another change this time around, I stood up and took the lead in directing when I saw the opportunity to do so. And it was fun. Jenn was open to following direction, in fact encouraged it as part of the process flow.

Jennifer Jennifer

I’m sure I said it last time, and I’ll say it again. Tony’s relaxed and casual style is a very cool environment to be part of. The workshops are less about structured learning and more about experimentation and information sharing. He brings together photographers at different levels and amazing models to create the perfect atmosphere and energy, allowing the photographer to get their teeth into it and opening the way for creativity to come to the fore.

I’m sure I’ll continue doing workshops as long as Tony doesn’t get sick of seeing me, maybe once a month or once every six weeks or so. I’ve also signed up for another site that will see me in direct contact with up and coming models hoping to increase their portfolio. So fingers crossed I should be shooting art I can sell pretty soon.


Check out Tony’s workshop information on Red Bubble if you think you might be interested in attending.

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