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Something that started off as a one-off a couple of months ago is looking to turn into a monthly task at work, reviewing cameras.

After I’d done the first two reviews for the Canon EOS 1000D and the Pentax K2000 an email went out asking for people who would be willing to be paid to do reviews in their own time. As I had already done a couple, at no cost, in my own time, I wasn’t sure what I had done wrong to have this email by-pass me and me not even get the job offered directly.

So I did what I do best, buried my head in the sand and got indignant to the cause. Someone else at work took up the charge and I guess we’ll see the fruits of that in the next issue of the magazine.

Today I was delighted to receive an email from the magazine’s associate editor asking if I would like to do a review of cameras, at least one a month. It seems the owner of the company had suggested that I would probably like to take on this task… and boy was he right.

I love technology and my favourite technology is cameras. All of them. Sure I’m a Canon fan-boy but I’m always open to what others are doing and viewing them, like I do with all things in life, with an open mind.

So looks like once a month I’ll have a nice new camera (and occasionally other tech) to play with. And as our mag gets more widely known hopefully we’ll get them a little sooner than our current batch.

The camera I have now, the Sony Alpha 300 is almost three months old and has already been superseeded by the Sony Alpha 350, basically it went from a 10.2 to a 14.2 megapixel camera. Nothing else really seems to have changed. But I can’t give my review just yet. I’m still playing with the thing. Suffice it to say I’m more impressed than I expected to be. Especially with the tilt-able view finder that has live view and lets you take low angled shots without getting on the ground and shots over the top of crowds without a ladder and without shooting blind.

So I’m a happier about my job today, not that I was unhappy before this happened.


  1. @Brian – the Magazine is MAG and can be found for free in any JB Hi-Fi store throughout Australia. But don’t expect anything too big. The reviews are mainly small opinionated quips nothing extensive.

    @Zoe Hellar – I didn’t really go for the Sony 300. I’m a Canon fan-boy through and through, have spent a crap-load on lenses but if I only had a small budget I think the Sony Alpha makes a great camera choice for the novice and IS better than the 1000D from Canon.

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