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Dan Parker

I recently had the opportunity to be part of a photographic workshop called Empowered Beauty Workshops run by Tony Ryan at his Factory Studio in Northcote, Australia.

The aim of the workshop is to make photographers and models more comforatable with the process of a successful photoshoot.

Yesterday there were several photographers, Tony Ryan and Dan our model. It was an awesome experience.

I was late… not a good start. I had it in my calendar as 3 pm when in fact it started at 2. I noticed my error when I went to get directions at 5 minutes to 2. When I noticed I called Tony who said I could still come and that I would miss the starting lesson which involved the participants swapping cameras and directing each other in the taking of photos. A valuable lesson that I was able to make-up at the end with Tony.

On the Path In the Gym

By the time I got there we met at some park land and went from there. Dan the Model was put into play and those who wanted to take the lead and direct were allowed to do so. I stayed back a ways and watched the others interact with Dan.

During a debrief as a group after we returned it was pointed out that I stood back a little, at which point, I told them how I saw myself as a recorder. An observer who writes and photographs what he sees. What I am trying to become is more of an Author. Someone who creates the scene and sets in motion the actions he wants to record, rather than leaving it all to chance.

Dan Parker Tall Grass

I had a great time and learnt quite a bit about how to interact with and direct a model. I’ll need to attend more workshops to get into the proper flow of it myself, and I’m excited about doing so.

After the other workshop participants left I was able to talk with Tony and catch up on what I missed before I arrived. We also talked a little about Tony’s philosophy on life and the connectedness of the people in the world.

Dan Parker Walking the Line

I also had a little gush moment as I told Tony how one of the posters on his wall was one I had purchased for my own wall when I was 18, an example of what I wanted to be doing with my life. Shame it took so long for me to start on the road, but glad I’m travelling it now.

I encourage anyone with an interest in photographing models to check out Tony Ryan’s Red Bubble page and keep an eye out for when he next runs a workshop. I want them to continue and be successful so I can keep participating in them myself.

You can see all of the photos that I took and liked from the day’s shoot on my Flickr set “Models” a set I hope to grow in the next few months.

Dan Parker

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