Ever so timely – blog day of action

I thought I could do it, but I don’t think I can do it justice. Poverty. It is the topic of the Blog Action Day 08 and yet I find myself unable to fathom what it really means.

Sure there wasn’t much money when I was growing up, but we didn’t do without. I sometimes think we were poor but then I realise that we never really went without. There were tight weeks, but there was never a week, as I recall, when we went hungry.

I also think how the US has apparently just declared that they are entering into a recession. A problem that will hit the entire world harder than it probably should. But even if it does, we won’t be poverty stricken. Things may get tight but like always, we’ll get by.

So you see, I don’t think I can do it justice. I think I know what poverty is, but I’ve never truly seen it first-hand. What I do know is that as a society we aren’t doing enough about the people in the world who do live in poverty and some of our businesses are in the unconsionable act of making it worse by denying them basic services, medication and care becaue they can’t afford to pay for it.

There needs to be a better way and maybe this recession will bring it about, maybe we will come out the other side a better people and less likely to ignore and shun those who need our help and actually help them.

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