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Panasonic TV
Panasonic TV
Panasonic TV

Something kind of sucky happened on Thursday night… our TV broke. She wasn’t that old, about 6-7 years. Our beautiful 46 inch Samsung rear-projection TV died. It started with a faint pink hue, turned into a small amount of pink static which became a screen of pink static in under 15 minutes. To say I was sad would be an understatement. While it seemed that everyone around us was getting a new TV David and I, although we have been looking at new ones on and off for the past six months, had been very good at containing our impulse to purchase… then this happened, forcing our hand. We went to GSE and got a video wall.

So we are now proud owners of a 50 inch Panasonic High Definitition TV, full 1080 resolution and amazing colour. Sure it puts our old TV to shame but we still would have preferred not to have to spend the money.

It was a long and drawn out process. We walked into the store, looked at the Pioneer Plasma and said, yep we’ll take that one. Then they told us it would be at least a week before we could have it. If anyone knows us knows we are guys that like instant gratification so a week would not do.

We looked at some others and settled on the Samsung Series 6 LCD. But when it came time to buy we couldn’t pass up the colour difference with the plasmas vs the LCDs. And FINALLY decided on the Panasonic 50 inch Plasma.

While the Panasonic didn’t look as good as the Pioneer in the store we figured three things:

  1. We won’t have them side by side to compare when they are at home
  2. The Panasonic was over $1,000 less than the Pioneer
  3. The settings on the Panasonic were probably deliberately set to make the more expensive unit look better.

So the Panasonic now has pride of place in our living room and looks amazing. I am very happy with our choice and look forward to much HD viewing.

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