A Basic Truth

Computer blues

Computer blues

It’s currently 3.30am and I’m awake, have been for some time but have only just risen from bed. I’m tired, you can bet that but I also have much on my mind.

The basic truth in today’s post is that I will leave nothing in this world when I am gone. I can be afforded no immortality for I have nothing to leave as a legacy in this world.

I have a job, I go to work every day but at times I find it a fruitless means to an end. Sure I get paid, and I get paid well, but what I do amounts to nothing over time.

Consider that I have been a web developer in some fashion for eighteen years, that I have worked for some of the biggest brands in Australia and then count how many of the sites that I have worked on in the past that still exist. None… everytime I leave a job and someone comes in to take my place, the first thing they do is wipe out all evidence that I was ever there, replacing it with their own. I’m gone, everything I did is gone.

Sure it’s the nature of the business and I’m sure I’ve had at least one post like this before. So I guess I’m just grumbling, but to be honest I’m envious. And my envy extends to all those who do things that will last. The brickies that build houses, architects that design buildings, book authors and people who get to spend their lives making art. All of whom know, without a doubt, their work will survive them.

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