Grand Final 2008 and Friends

Congrats to the Hawthorn Hawks who played a good game and took home the 2008 Premiership over Geelong at the MCG yesterday. It was an odd game where the teams seemed to take turns being on their game.

A sad tale for a Geelong supporter, and one I’m sure we’ll hear lots about next week at work.

Speaking of work, there is probably still a team of people working frantically putting together the book for the winning team, choosing the photos that will be sold and doing all the things that a publishing house has to do to have a magazine created, printed and on sale by Wednesday. Busy times and then a lull for our editorial staff who no doubt will take a much deserved break.

David and I spent the morning at home doing a little spring cleaning. We got an industrial bin dropped off at about 10.30am and had it full to the brim by midday. We tossed so much crap out of the garage it is now beautlifully clean and organised, first time since we called for the affordable house cleaning Houston service.

While we were doing so Nikki rang and asked if we wanted to trek down to Geelong to have a post Grand Final dinner at their house. Of course we were up for it, the Waterfalls are a great bunch of people and Nikki’s folks are funny as, in a good way.

I think we’ve planned a night of Canasta in a few weeks with Nikki, Ben ,Trudi, Simon, Troy, Renae, David and Me. Should be interesting. It’s not a game I’m very good at, but we always have a lot of fun.

So while the Cats didn’t come through and win I still had a great day. Now I have to make some changes to our site at work and put the Hawthorn stuff online available for sale. :(

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