Eyes Closed

I know I’ve mentioned on here before that when I close my eyes I see things. I’m sure many people do. Little visions, sometimes like movies, sometimes a series of slides and sometimes static images. What I saw last night before I went to sleep was a kind of slide show of little movie clips.

It’s not often cryptic and it is not often as it was last night. In the past I’ve seen Turtles walking on the road, parents outside a parisian restaurant talking with friends while their obviously tired children throw a tantrum, ignored by the parent holding their hand. And the other that is still quite vivid in my mind is that of an old man shaving in a partially fogged mirror.

They are scenes I don’t know from any where and I see them as soon as I close my eyes, I’m not asleep and they are not dreams. The one following was the same. While I describe them as scenes they were quite fast and not a lot of detail was available.

I’m also not implying that they mean anything, but I just want to document them because I see them. This one in particular was disturbing to me.


I saw the city of London, England, it was covered in sheets, the buildings all sheathed like furniture you see in an old house. The sheets were raggedy and fraying, blowing in the wind. There was no sign of life. Just a dark scene. The colour of the scene was quite subdued.


A bar, a woman and a man sitting at the bar. She had long blond hair, he brown, sitting in a suit pushing a drink towards her. The woman waving her hand at bar level in a gesture as if to say no more / no thanks. The man reaches out to touch her hair and she pulls away slightly. Behind them is another man at a table  watching their interaction.. He appears agitated to the point of anger. He stands and leaves the bar.


Snippets of world news, with images of London in the background, as if the news is about the city. I can’t hear anything but the reporters are solomn. It was like someone was flicking between stations. All the news the same, just the reporters and their nationalities were different.


Moving in on a newspaper masthead, seeing the date, but blurred. My focus shifts and I can read the word “May” the number preceeding it is a “2” or a “6”, before I can focus on the year following May the scene is gone.


  1. You see video clips: I hear voices!

    No, not the schizophrenic little voices telling me to do things, but like I’ve just tuned into a TV show without a picture, for a couple of seconds. I might hear something like “Martha, where’s the cat?”, which has absolutely no relevance to where I am, what I’m doing or past recollections. The voices aren’t even directed at me: more like I’m eavesdropping on a conversation in a soap opera, where the speakers aren’t even aware of my presence.

    It’s strange, because I’m more a visually orientated person and would expect to see video clips like you, but I just get the radio snippets.

    People just don’t talk about these experiences, even though I’m sure they “afflict” many, probably because they are afraid of summoning the men in white coats.

  2. thanks for your comment. I too believemore people see and hear these things than they say. Even I usually hasten to add another post after one like this in the hope it gets missed by most, for fear they think me crazy.

    I reckon there is a connectedness amongst humans that we just don’t acknowledge enough and maybe our experiences are tapping into that.

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