The Dark Knight (2008)

Yep I finally got along to see it and if you are concern about spoilers you may want to miss this post but I reckon, given that it has been out for several weeks, everyone has already seen it and I’m one of the last that care about the movie to see it.

First off let me say, Heath Ledger was amazing and the idea that he isn’t around to reprise a role which I’m pretty sure they fuly intended on bringing back, makes me a little sad.

Secondly I’m still not convinced about Christian Bale as batman, he doesn’t seem hard enough.

The movie was great, the Joker was a very cool character and probably is just as he should have been, without remose and without real purpose but to create chaos.

Let me finaly say I hated the way it ended. I hated the boat scene I know that one of the boats would have, without a doubt, blown the crap out of the other boat, and I’m sure that it would have been that the boat wouldn’t have blown up the other, but the ones who pushed the button would have blown up their own boat.

I didn’t like the whole “in the end humans would be good”. What a crap story line. The rest of it was awesome and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was better than the first and I’d gladly watch it again.

I suppose the only other thing I didn’t like was that once Heath Ledger died the marketing and movie became all about Heath, how it was his last movie and his best performance ever. He did make the movie, as I said before he was brilliant.

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  1. I loved the movie and agree with everyone about how good Heath Ledger was. I don’t necessarily like it better than the original, maybe slightly. I think Christian Bale IS good in the role. He can play the dark sides of the role well.

    Maybe the end story line is a bit soft…….

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