So Much Food, So Much Love

And Happy Birthday to SueZ.

Last night we made the trek to Craigieburn to the house of Sue’s Mum to celebrate Sue’s birthday. And what a fabulous night it was. A giant table for a giant gaggle of fourteen people for whom Sue’s sister Lana and her mum had been preparing food for three days.

There was so much food, soooooo much food. Risotto balls, stuffed capsicum, free-range pork and lamb, chicken noodle soup, sautee potatoes, roast pumpkin, lasagne, bread and what was affectionally called “Wog Bread”; kind of a pastry bread. And then came the cakes… tiny raspberry cheesecakes and a two giant Angel Food Cakes with berries and other fruit.

We also had a lot of great conversation and merriment.

Lana and Sue’s mum did an amazing job with the food, it was all deliscious and we have just had another day of eating left overs.

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