Sneaky Sound System: 2 (2008)

Sneaky Sound System 2One of the perks of working where I work we occassionally get to hear music before it is released, very occassionally and while it is only a week early I am very happy to have heard Sneaky Sound System’s new album “2”.

I first became aware of Sneaky Sound System when they supported Scissor Sisters on an Australian concert tour. I remember when they took to the stage all I could think was “who are these people, I want the Scissor Sisters”, but when they started playing I was very much relieved and very happy to get to know who they are.

Sounding much like their first (self titled) album, “2” does not fail to deliver a happy music experience.

The album comes out on the 17th of August and I can’t wait to get my very own copy. If you purchase the album from Sanity music stores you can actually get a special edition which includes a bonus disc of remixes of mostly songs from the original CD.

Having said that I don’t get people who pay $30 for a CD these days, I’ll probably get mine from iTunes store for $16.99, I’m not that big on remixes anyway.

Sneaky Sound System : 2 Track Listing

  1. Kansas City
  2. 16
  3. When We Were Young
  4. It’s Not My Problem
  5. I Just Don’t Want To Be Loved
  6. Lost In The Future
  7. Because Of You People Think I’m Crazy
  8. Don’t Get You
  9. I Want Everything
  10. Where Do I Begin
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  1. Call me old fashioned, but I’d much rather buy cds/records than download music. Downloading is so impersonal. The trick is to boycott mass-market places like HMV and Virgin who charge an arm and a leg for cds, and shop at places like JB Hi-Fi (or independents) where they’re WAY more affordable.

    Lovin’ the blog makeover by the way!

  2. I’m sometimes the same, I like having the cover sleeve, the artist’s comments, pictures and lyrics. Some of that is being catered for with Digital Booklets on iTunes, but it doesn’t feel the same.

    Having said that I’ve bought heaps of music, we have five moving boxes of CDs in the garage that have all been digitized on our computers. So it doesn’t make sense to us to buy music in physical form, only to read the notes a couple of times and then store it in a box in the Garage.

    But I still give in when it is an artist I really like. Get the actual CD… of course the cost of the disc and distribution is one thing that will keep the artists tied to record labels, so I’m all for anything that lets them go independent.

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