Who Needs a Heart Part II?

Almost a year and a half ago I wrote about my dad’s heart condition of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. Back then I said that knowing te name of it, I decided not to get tested for this potentially hereditary conditon… and I didn’t.

Then about two months ago I went to the doctor cause I had a bad cold. At the time she took my blood pressure and said that it was very high, but that it could have been caused by my sickness. She asked that I return when I was better to have my blood pressure taken again when I was well. Return I did about two weeks after that, only to find that my blood pressure didn’t change and was still high.

So a bunch of blood tests and an ECG were done, I didn’t worry about it too much, then it came back and the results prompted the need to have another test done. An echocadiogram where they ultrasound and check the electrical function of the heart.

I hate having tests done especially ones where I have to get half naked in front of a stranger while they tick electrode things all over me. But the echo was cool when they show the electrical current in the heart. Of course I had no idea what I was looking at.

Three weeks after having this done I finally went back to the doctor tonight and got the results. The doc tells me that my heart has thicker walls than normal and that he would like me to start medication for my high blood pressure. I’ve elected not to do this at this time for a couple of reasons.

  1. I want to make sure what the condition is before I start treating it, I don’t want to start a treatment which may be detrimental in the end.
  2. I’m crap at taking any type of medication, I always forget and blood pressure medication is something I would have to take at least once a day. ARGH as if I could remember to do that.

So now I’m to go back and have more blood tests and to pee in a bottle. Sounds like fun.


  1. Hi, seek a second opinion before taking medication. My initial heart “specialist” wanted to put me on medication straight away. Mind you, he also booked me into a Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy clinic. Why prescribe medication if you are seeking a second opinion!!!!! Anyway, when I went to the clinic, the doctor said that while my heart walls are thicker than normal, I am large and therefore, the size maybe normal for my size. AND no medication. It’s only above 14mm that they start to worry.

    To put it in perspective, he had patients with heart walls 44mm thick!! At your age, and mine, the specialist said it is unlikely the walls will thicken anymore. Most of the thickening happens in the teens or early 20s. It is this condition that sees young men (tends to be a man thing) die unexpectedly.

  2. I’m still looking into it and refused medication until a full diagnosis is made. More tests this week so should know soon. I know the report said “considerable thickening” but not sure what else… I kind of went into melt-down mode at that point, freaking out a little about something I can’t control, stupid huh.

    Even if it turns out I’m over reacting and diet and exercise will correct the problem in time, I think I’ll avoid medication and try the diet and exercise first. I CBF being medicated, I forget to take freaking cold and flu tablets when my nose is running for goodness sake!

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