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Elphaba the Wicked Witch of the West

Elphaba the Wicked Witch of the WestI can’t believe that it has taken me so long to write about Wicked. It was awesome. But I’ve had such a busy time of late I haven’t even thought about blogging.

But here I am. And now for Wicked.

We first heard about Wicked while watching Ugly Betty, there was an episode that had quite a bit of product placement in it and now I can never claim that product placement doesn’t work. It certainly did in this case.

David download the soundtrack right after we finished watching the downloaded episode of Ugly Betty. We paid for the soundtrack. At first I was thinking David was mad spending money on something we had only heard snippets of. Surely we’d download it without paying first, try it out and buy it if we like it. That’s what we usually do.

But we loved it, so it was money well spent. The music was awesome, the storyline and the different way to view the “Wicked” Witch of the West was a brilliant idea. There and then we said if the stage show comes to Australia we’d go.

It wasn’t long after that there was an announcement that Wicked was coming to Australia… we joined the mailling list immediately.

We then bought our tickets when they became available to mail list memebers early. We bought them back in February and had  a very long wait until July 9th.

We went with Nikki and Ben and their attendence was not guaranteed because of the birth of their lovely kids Amalie and Elliot. Thankfully Nikki’s Mum and Dad babysat the twins while we had a night out.

We started our night out at The Yak Bar and Food, on the corner of Russell St and Flinders Ln in Melbourne. The food was awesome, our waiter was cute and jovial which added to the all round good vibe the place.

Next we headed round the corner to the Regent Theatre where Wicked is playing. The street are bathed in green light from the street lights which have been gelled green for Wicked.

A program purchased, a Wicked mug purchased, an over-priced “Ozmapolitain” in my hand and we went into the theater to enjoy a joyous, funny show.

I love it, the sets and costumes were amazing. The cast was smaller than I expected and the show was more comedic than I believed it was going to be and it was thoroughly enjoyable.

I think David’s parents are coming down later this year, and with luck we’ll be heading off to Wicked again. And maybe we can get my mum and sister to come down to and see it.

If you get a chance, see it.

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