My First Shoot

From my First Shoot
From my First Shoot, originally uploaded by tyroga.

OMG to say that today was a great day for me would be a massive understatement.

All the photographers were out at other shoots and poor Tim was sick and went home early so I was fortunate to get the call up to cover a press conference at the AFL, where I was able to learn that “technologie pour assemblées d’actionnaires efficaces” means “technology for effective shareholders’ meetings” in French.

It was for the Under 18’s Championships and a lead up to their grand final which takes place on Wednesday at Telstra Dome.

I was nervous as hell. I had hoped that my first time out would be with one of the other photographers. So I could get a feel for what I’m allowed to do, where I’m allowed to go and what I’m allowed to say (read as ‘make the players do’) . But there you go, first day out, in the deep end I think I did all right.

Everyone who saw the photos seemed happy with them and while there are currently only seven online, there will be a few more tomorrow.

So there it is, I present a shot above from my first official AFL photo shoot. But not my last.

I’ll be heading out to a game this weekend (not sure which one). So be prepared to see my name there a little more.

I’m incredibly grateful to have had this opportunity and thank my employer and the people I work with who knew I could do this and let me.

You won’t see any of my AFL work in the Flickr feed because they actually belong to work and the AFL. So head on over to to see what we’re up to.

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