Make Me a Supermodel

Make Me a Supermodel
Make Me a Supermodel, originally uploaded by tyroga.

This morning we headed into the city after having a somewhat unsuccessful breakfast at Creme in Altona, which resulted in David not having breakfast.

First the eggs came out, and while poached, were rock hard, his bacon was burnt and his english muffin wasn’t toasted, some eggs Benedict that turned out to be. He complained and sent it back. It was replaced with nice bacon but near to raw eggs. Needless to say we left them at the table and went to pay. Thankfully they didn’t charge us for David’s breakfast, cause he didn’t eat any.

We’ve been to Creme many, many, many times and never complained about anything, but this time was just too bad. I’m guessing it will be some time before we go back, and needless to say it didn’t set his birthday off to a good start.

So back to the story of the city… while driving in we saw a huge line that extended onto Elizabeth Street from Collins Street and being the nosey people we are, we had to know what the line was for. Turns out it was for “Make Me a Supermodel” a TV show for Channel 7 and while I’m not sure what capacity Jennifer Hawkins was there in, either a judge or a presenter, she was there.

I jumped at the chance of taking some snaps. Damn problem is I’m still getting used to this new camera, so I didn’t get that many good shots.

Funniest thing though, it wasn’t until I was reviewing the shots that I realised that Jackie Frank the editor of “marie claire” was standing right next to Jennifer Hawkins. I’ve worked for that woman in the past, built one of the first websites for marie clare and had arguments with her about online stuff. And here I am neglecting to notice her. Sorry Jackie.

If you want to see more photos, head on over to my Flickr account.

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