Happy Birthday David

Today is David’s birthday, as the title would suggest, For me this is the 11th birthday I have had to share with him and I am both happy and greatful for the time he has spent with me. Hoping for many more years to come.

We’re not super big on celebrating birthdays. Since leaving Sydney they have become very low-key affairs, even presents are often neglected. But not out of a non-desire to give, more so because we tend to buy what we really want when we want it rather than waiting for a special even like a birthday to come around.

This year will be a little different, but the timing will be no different. I know what David is getting for his birthday, but I also know I can’t buy it just yet, because it’s not yet available.

And it’s not an iPhone, that’s already ear-marked for the end of the week on July 11. I know he reads my blog so I won’t write what it is here, but I will have to tell him sometime today what it is. Some people already know…

For now it is 7.30 am and he is still asleep. I still have to plan where to go for breakfast and dinner! Better get to it.

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