Go to gaol for music

Go to gaol, directly to gaol. Do not pass go you crazy pirate.

A working paper is apparently before parliament to legalize search and seizure of MP3 players and laptop computers, something in line with moves currently in place in the US. Why are they looking for? Terrorist information? Child porn? Something else which threatens national security, nope… music.

The paper apparently says that if you have too many songs on your MP3 player or laptop your device may be held and you may be charged.

I gotta say that sucks, I have a lot of music and most of it is paid for. But I grant that not all of it is, but I don’t want t go to prison for it. Together David and I own over 80GB of music. Ever since I was 17 a lot of my money has gone into music, A LOT. But can I prove that I own what is on my iPod, probably not, it would be very difficult. I guess less people will be travelling. High ticket prices are the least of your trouble when you have to consider the price you might pay for having too much music.

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