We’re not equal until we are

Equality is a funny thing, an impossible dream, because no one wants to be the same as someone else.

This topic first came to the fore for me at work when I was out getting something from the cafe and saw a copy of “The Record” a magazine that accompanies every round of the AFL. This particular record was a special edition for the Indigenous round, celebrating the part Australia’s indigenous players have had on the game.

In the issue was an editorial declaring that equality has been achieved in the AFL, with indigenous players being represented in most (but not all) AFL clubs.

And that’s where I took exception, not that some clubs don’t have indigenous players, my solemn hope is the only reason they don’t is because they have the best players for the job and not because of skin colour, no my exception was to the fact that we have an “indigenous round” in the AFL.

If we are still singling out one part of the competition then how are they equal if the receive special mention based purely on ethnicity? Clearly we are not viewing them as just other people.

Another case of the same thing is the current political situation in the US where Barrack is already being lauded as the first Black President of the United States of America. The common belief is that he will walk all over the republicans to take office and run the US. And I hope he does, I’m sure he’ll be great, hell he can’t be worse.

But a “Black President”, does it really matter? I don’t think so. Same if Hillary Clinton had received the vote, the fact that she is a woman should be of no consequence. But it is.

You see, people don’t want to be equal, they want to have the same things, but still be recognised for what has passed. I’m not being a bigot and I’m not saying that the world has no repressed people in it.

People who know me know I don’t see the world as us and them. I see all people the same regardless of race, gender, sexuality, disability or other. If you’re classified as human then that’s what you are in my eyes, nothing more or less because of the colour of your skin.

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