Weekend o’ Movies

This past weekend I didn’t do too much of anything. I was a little under the weather on Sunday and Monday.

I managed to fit in 3 movies this weekend:


Beneath is a movie about a young girl who after losing her parents is brought up by her sister who dies in a car accident when the girl is 14. Having seen her sister die in a fireball she is mentally damaged and finds herself in an institution experiencing visions and feeling she shouldn’t. The movie then goes on (a little slowly at times) to find the girl out of the institution and trying to find out more about her strange visions. It’s a movie by MTV Films and is probably best suited as a made for TV. I was a little scared at times, on the edge of my seat. But nothing too good to write home about.


What can I say, I guess it was a weekend for horror movies. Shutter stars the Pacey guy from Dawson’s Creek (Joshua Jackson) and the Aussie Actress from Transformers (Rachael Taylor). It’s another port from a Japanese horror movie, in the same vein as The Ring and The Grudge and at times it really is nice and scary. Not quite as scary as the other two, but it still has the heart stopping moments in the bag. Can’t say much about it without giving the story away. But it was good enough not to regret watching it.


The standout movie of the weekend, and not one I would have expected to be so. Starring Demi Moore (wasn’t she retiring about 10 movies ago) and Michael Caine. Set in the 60’s Flawless is about a retiring janitor and a female senior manager who can’t break the executive glass ceiling conspiring to steal items from their employer; The London Diamond Corporation.

Flawless has a great storyline and some real edge of the seat moments. It’s an old time story told in an old time way. Anyone who doesn’t like this movie is crazy.

So that was basically my weekend. Nothing too exciting, but fun all the same.

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