Stardust (2007)

I’ve put off seeing Stardust, not sure why, perhaps because in recent years we have been inundated with fantasy films and I wasn’t quite ready for another.

Today, a public holiday, is all rainy outside so I decided to put it on and have a look.

At first I was a little upset, it seems that the version we have is a telesync. Good sound, bad picture. I think telesyncs are made by filming directly from a small screen while the sound is captured directly from the source. The result is a dark film with all the dirt and scratches of film.

I had decided to stop watching it about 10 minutes in, but for some reason couldn’t bring myself to turn it of. Probably the headache I’m harbouring and it’s can’t be bothered attitude that had me watching the film in its entirety. And I’m glad I did.

Stardust is a great little movie, the characters are interesting and fun, the storyline while fanciful is strong enough to hold the interest of the viewer (in this case me). I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Obviously by telling you I watched a telesync version you know it’s not a legitimate copy, but rest assured I’ll be looking for this one one Blu-ray as soon as the prices become reasonable. Since the end of the format war it seems the Blu-ray camp are thinking they can charge us whatever they want, they can try.

If you haven’t seen Stardust yet I recommend it. Clare Danes does a great job as a star and the cameos are all well placed. Only problem is Ricky Gervis; I mean does that guy know how to act or is he always just himself. He is the same in every movie and TV show. Thankfully his character fit with this movie.

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