Someone Else is Cooking / Robots in My Blood

Of late we have found we are working quite steadily and quite a lot and therefore eating out a lot more than is healthy and it has impacted our lives for long enough.

So now we’re paying for our food to be prepared for us. We’ve done it before and gave up on it as it became too expensive. But calculations of cost against convenience against time tell me that it is costing us more NOT to do it now. With the cost of lunch and dinner alone we’re falling behind on cost and on our health.

And right now I’m watching a video on TED (Ideas Worth Spreading) from Ray Kurzweil on How technology’s accelerating power will transform us. He’s saying that by 2020 humans will start to take on robotic red and white blood cells which will be 100 times more efficinent than our own. We’ll be able to sit on the bottom of a pool for 4 hours! That coupled with gene thearapy that will turn off our prehistoric genes that store food as fat will ensure we have much, much longer lifespans. Amazing.

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