Not Sure What Makes Me Madder


From reading a story on I became a little annoyed. At best I am annoyed by news reporting around 60% of the time. I find that these days it is rarely impartial or about just the facts, almost every article is peppered with the writer’s opinion and hear-say. It seems no journalist reports the news anymore, they comment on it.

A recent advertising campaign by Australia’s TV network Channel 10 promotes their news as “seeing the world through our eyes”. Never a truer word has been said, an never a more poignant statement to be feared.

As a people we rely on our mass-media outlets to keep us abreast of the world and the changes that are happening around us. We can’t be all places all times so we turn to them to tell us what the story is. Unfortunately we can’t rely on them for accuracy and non-judgment.

Now let’s talk about what has annoyed me today.

The article “Meet Kevin Rudd’s $78k ‘party-boy’ butler“, in which they tell us how bad it is that our Prime Minister, the man who is tasked with running our country is paying for someone to pick out his clothes and manage his official diary while we are paying $1.60/litre for petrol.

I’m as pissed off as the next person about our petrol prices and know that the it companies are making record profits and not just covering their own rising costs BUT I’m happy in the knowledge that the guy who runs our country isn’t spending time picking out his clothes, doing his own boring shopping and organising his own appointments while he should be running the country.

The dubbed ‘party-boy’ is Kevin Rudds PA, and what executive PA isn’t paid damn good money to make sure their boss is where he should be, when he should be? What John Fisher does while he’s not on the clock (including partying in Time Square at 3am) is and should not be any of our concern.

While the reporting includes some information from a Liberal Party release, it is very much a witch hunt by the reporter and here’s why.

Kevin Rudd will never, according to reports, allow for gay people to have the exact same relationship status. He won’t do it because it is an affront to his own church-going beliefs to allow the gays to have a thing called marriage. But in an attempt to get some voters off side this reporter has all but outed John Fisher including several references to the idea that he may be gay;

  1. partying at New York club The Stonewall Inn
  2. Photographs taken in the jewellery, handbag and glove floor at Macy’s department store are captioned “shopping galore!”
  3. In a striking similarity to Anne Hathaway’s character Andy Sachs in The Devil Wears Prada, who brings “The Book” to her high-profile magazine editor’s home nightly, Mr Fisher is understood to deliver Mr Rudd’s private diary to The Lodge every night.
  4. On Mr Fisher’s Facebook personal profile, Mr Fisher lists his favourite quote as: “Don’t go stomping your last season Prada shoes at me, honey”, which is from what he lists as his favourite film, Legally Blonde.
  5. He says his favourite movies include Pretty Woman and he loves “anything to do with Madonna”.

Quite clearly the idea here is to set off the people who don’t like homosexuals who have stuck by Mr Rudd by saying he keeps one around. But it will also annoy some gay people too, after all our own Prime Minister is having his clothes set out for him by someone who will he doesn’t see as, and will never be, an equal citizen.

It is crap reporting, none of the five points above have anything to do with Mr Fisher’s duties for the Prime Minister; except that he brings the PM’s diary to him at the end of the day, and bugger me if the PM wouldn’t want to know what he’s doing tomorrow.

Nope, what these points are are an attempt at character assassination. And that is what pisses me off more than anything.

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