I’m Shouting from the Rooftops

Cause I’m a happy boy today. This afternoon, or tomorrow I have to take photos of myself, headshots, to be used on an ID tag.

The ID tag will let me go where press can go, as a Photographer. That’s right, you read it, my job is affording me an awesome opportunity. I get to be a Photographer. All be it part-time cause I have a full-time job as a developer which I am enjoying.

I’ll get to go to AFL games and be on the field, into the rooms, to the press conferences, training days whatever and where ever they let me I’ll go, and I have really trying to focus in training this time, I even got a Optimized Fitness online trainer just to improve my performance.

Our company has also previously shot for the Formula One and the Melbourne Cup as well as a bunch of editorial and custom photography jobs.

So sometime next week I get my pass, then I ask to go anything and everything they will send me to. It also, hopefully means, I’ll get my hands on a camera (even to borrow) which is better than my own.

They use Canon 1Ds MkIIs and Canon 1Ds MkIIIs so it wouldn’t be hard to beat my 400D and 10D :P

So yes, excited, but I have much work to do on the development side so I have to stop cheering for myself and get some work done.

Thanks to the guys at work who are going to put up with me grinning like a mad man for many many days to come, to the photographers who will no doubt teach me a huge amount, to my seniors at work who are willing to take the chance on me, to my friends who push me to push myself.

Most of all thanks to David who has put up with walks that should have taken 10 minutes taking an hour because I stop to take a photo every two steps.

I probably should have left the gushing until AFTER I have taken some photos for work and they appear somewhere, but I just couldn’t. My family and friends all know this is what I want to do so I’m very very excited.


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