I think I’m jinxed

When it comes to DVD players in computers I reckon I’m as jinxed as you can be. I don’t know anyone who has had as much trouble with them as I am. And yet I’m crazy about making sure my discs are clean before I put them in. Crazy about not messing with region settings and all that stuff. But alas and to no avail I can’t keep one working properly.

I’ve had a LOT of computers in my time and every single one has developed a problem playing DVDs for me. Why I dunno. But Mac or PC makes no difference they always bugger up on me. And I’m just talking about reading DVDs. Don’t even get me started on writing them.

Just as well I’m not a DVD producer or something like that. We mere Web Developers don’t required DVDs that often and for that I am grateful. In fact I wouldn’t even be blabbing on about this if it weren’t for a recent burning of discs for my older brother who is dying for his fix of Battlestar Galactica season 4.


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