Wii Fit is Harsh!

A Wii Fit Box

A Wii Fit Box

Yeah we did it, we bought Wii Fit tonight. And it’s fun and funny.

The first time it weighs you it measures your weight and figures out your BMI, the little Wii Fit avitar on the screen then declares you (well me) obese and then adjusts the look of your Mii accordingly. Needless to say my Mii is a little more pudgy than I want it to be, but then it is a good representation of the real me and something I’m working on.

The Wii Fit board is both bigger and heavier than I expected, but at least it fits my large feet with only minimal overhang. The games are fun and engaging and you really do feel like you’re working out, especially when you’re doing the hula-hoops and trying to catch more as the Miis throw them to you.

I think Nintendo are on a winner. The Wii is already a huge success, but I’m sure that Wii Fit will make it all the more fun for everyone. One thing to note, we bought our Wii Fit at Target in Hoppers Crossing, they had about 20 units of the game in the cabinet and five Wii Consoles too.


  1. Oh, this is good to hear! I’m planning on snagging one in a few weeks.
    I just purchased Mario Kart, and it is so much fun! Nintendo really has knocked the ball out of the park with their Wii console.

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