Crayons – Donna Summer – 2008

“Now you know your queen is back” is just one line of the lyrics from the song “The Queen is Back” from Donna Summer‘s new album Crayons not due for local Australian release until the 7th June. And I tell you now, never a truer word was spoken. Donna, the Queen, is back with an album that will have you outta your seat.

It’s been a while between albums and in the intervening years there have been way too many Donna Summer “Best of”, “Collections” and “Anthologies”. There have also been a couple of “Enough is Enough” duets rolled out. One with Westlife and another with Australia’s own Tina Arena. Both valid as good music, but it has been a long time waiting for something new from Ms Summer.

2008 is the year and Donna Summer has delivered.

“Stamp Your Feet” is the first official single from the album, though it appears that track 8 “I’m a Fire” was released in early March as a digital only release and made it all the way to number 1 on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart. “Stamp Your Feet” is a great lead song, though until today I realise I have some miss-heard lyrics. It seems that where I heard “Make a big-arse sound” she was actually singing “Make the biggest sound”. I prefer my lyrics.

To be honest though I would have loved for Donna to relaunch with the afore mentioned “The Queen is Back”, perhaps she and her management felt it would be a little conceited to come back with a song proclaiming

She’s back
People screaming that you want your diva
She’s back
I always told you that I’d never leave you

I’m your friend, I’m your lover
I’m your sister, my dear brother
I’m your dear fairy Godmother
Now you know your queen is back

Personally I think the words and the sentiment behind them are apt. She is a true Diva, no other female artist has had number one hits for the past four decades and, if marketed right, Crayons should deliver her a few more.

Track List

  1. Stamp Your Feet
    Big-arse sound – awesome track
  2. Mr Music
    A homage to music
  3. Crayons – Featuring Ziggy Marley
    A ditty about how we are all the same
  4. The Queen is Back
    She speaks the truth
  5. Fame (The Game)
    “Makes a fool of everyone” think this one is to the young kids in the industry
  6. Sand on My Feet
    Closest the album comes to a ballad
  7. Driving Down Brazil
    Kind of reminds me of Copacabana
  8. I’m A Fire
    Already a dance floor smash hit
  9. Slide Over Backwards
    Has a bit of a Nutbush vibe
  10. Science of Love
    Nice beat again reminds be a bit of another song
  11. Be Myself Again
    Another ballad song about love lost
  12. Bringing Down the Reign
    A bit of a tribal theme
  13. It’s Only Love
    Available on the international version, I’ll have to wait for local release for this one.
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