Amelie and Elliot; Welcome to the World

On Wednesday May 21, 2008 at around 9:45 am Nikki Waterfall and Ben Thomas gave birth to twins; Elliot Walter Waterfall Thomas and Amelie Waterfall Thomas.

Amelie Waterfall Thomas Elliot Walter Waterfall Thomas
Elliot Walter Waterfall Thomas                                    Amalie Waterfall Thomas

As twins are want to do, Elliot and Amelie decided to poke their heads into the world early and because of this are currently spending a few days in the neonatal ward where sick and premature babies are cared for. In fact they may spend up to two weeks there.

Today we were able to make a trek to Heidelberg to meet the two new humans, only four days old. We had to wash our hands entering the ward and then had to apply a watery disinfectant before we could touch the babies.

Walking in Ben was changing Elliot’s nappy, which looked like a tricky job with Elliot in a humidicrib. But from seeing Ben do it you can tell he’s going to be a great hands on Dad and isn’t going to shy away from the icky bits of having a baby.

Being born a little jaundiced Amelie is currently undergoing some UV treatment, and I gotta say it must be working as I didn’t notice a hint of yellow on her. Her little eyes are covered to protect them from the light.

Ben the new Dad takes care of Baby Amelie
Ben holding Amelie

What was really amazing is holding Elliot and thinking “he’s just like a normal little baby, I don’t know what all the fuss is about”, then turning around and seeing another baby in the ward that was full size and realising that Elliot and his little sister (she’s 15 minutes younger) were about a third of the other baby’s size.As the baby gets older, exercise and playtime are essential in their growth development. With that, parents may consider having baby jumper exerciser for stronger bones and muscle.

David, Nikki, Ben and Elliot
David, Nikki and Ben with Elliot

I can’t wait to get to know these two little human beings, and seeing on how they come from such wonderful breeding stock I’m certain they will be fine little fellows indeed.

To say I left the hospital feeling a little clucky would be an understatement. I love babies and little kids, I love the way they see the world and the way they approach life. I will enjoy watching them grow.

And if you visit my Flickr, you’ll see a lot more photos of the babies, there are more of Amelie because, well, Nikki as feeding Elliot for a while and I had to do something with the time, plus she’s a gorgeous little bundle of joy.


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