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Wallpaper: Bathing Boxes, Brighton

Everyone likes to have a flashy looking desktop and never have I seen them presented so well.

The images presented by Panedia Desktop Wallpaper are some of the finest wide-angle panoramas I have seen to-date. And uniquely Panedia present their visitors with images to suit from one to three screens.

For a small subscription fee you have annual access to current and an ongoing wealth of wallpapers.

Further more, while they present a numerous number of options for download, they make selecting quite easy by detecting both operating system and screen resolution, highlighting what they feel is the better option for you.

If you’re a member of the site, you even have an option to download the full file, the one I’m looking at now measures 10,600 x 4,809 pixels, quite easily will accommodate even the most extreme monitor set-ups.

I think my favourite wallpapers are currently “Cow Up A Tree” (because it is taken out the front of my work) and “Bathing Boxes, Brighton” (because it is very iconicly Australian).

Overall I think I’m incredibly envious of the wonderful photographer behind this site. All the places he’s seen and the way he’s captured them compel me to get out and get my own shutter going.

Visit Panedia Desktop Wallpaper and brighten up your screen.

Doclands Cow Up A Tree

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