My First Run / Walk

Above is my graph for my first ever Nike+iPod Run/Walk.

I got a little gypped (no offense to honest Gypsies) as you can see my chart only records a run of 2.69 km, while David’s says he ran much further at 4.65 km. Not sure what I was doing wrong. It said it was paired and started recording my stuff at the start but then nothin’.

I am so sore right now, but it is more related to a pain in my upper back / chest I’ve had for the past week or so that I’ve done nothing about. It hurts when I breathe deeply, swallow large mouthfuls or bend over the wrong way. It has also stopped me from sleeping properly, I guess it is something I’ll have to get checked out early next week if it doesn’t go away.

But yeah, I bought a refurbed iPod Nano (second gen, 2GB, silver) cause the Nike+iPod only work with the Nano, it cost $109 plus the Nike attachment at $48. And believe me, with all the iPods I own, I’ve never (until now) owned a Nano. Strange but true.

Let’s see how my progress goes.


  1. Go team Tyroga!
    Great to see you guys giving running a go. Best thing about it – it’s free! No gym fees and crap all equipment.
    Maybe see you both at a fun-run!

  2. Thanks Simon, We’re taking it slow to start with, will need some time to build up to a fun run I think. Have to go calibrate my nike+ now cause it gave me dodgy readings :P

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