Loving My Latest Purchase

Today I made a purchase, a new Crumpler bag for my camera gear. I have a Lowepro bag that has held me in good stead for a while but with the purchase of my 70-200 2.8 L-series and my latest camera purhcase of my Canon Speedlite 430EX the poor Lowepro wasn’t really working for me, not to mention the bag has started to show a little wear and tear.

I went with the Crumpler bag because I’ve had two computer bags from Crumpler in the past, in fact I now have a spare computer bag becuase the Crumpler I chose, the Whickey and Cox, also holds my 15 in. MacBook Pro. The Crumpler bags hold up well to my unique brand of ownership where I don’t always treat my bags as nice as I could.

The Whickey and Cox is awesome, it has a lot of room for my camera gear, holds (as I said) my laptop and it also zips up at the back which means the opening is actually against my back for extra security.

The woman who served me, at the Crumpler department in Myer Melbourne City store, was awesome. She got down on the floor with me to show me the bag in its entirety, the same way I would hit the floor and play lego with my Nephews and Niece. It was cool.

David tells me that this is my last bag I am allowed to buy for some time, at $235 I’m sure I understand, but wonder if he thinks that I’ve bought more bags than I really have in the last 11 years.

So that’s my latest purchase, my Crumpler “the Whickey and Cox” Camera Bag. And my gods do I hate the Crumpler website, it is the crappest website ever, at least they make great bags.


  1. Cool bag! Yours is like the Cadillac of Crumpler bags!!
    I’ve had the Crumpler 6 million dollar bag on my Amazon.com wish list for months, giving my family/friends ideas for prezzies to no avail.
    I guess I’ll have to purchase it for myself. It’s the same color as yours, but looks like a messenger style bag.

  2. It is a cool back and yes as BBB says the insert comes out and you have a cargo backpack, but not with much support with no inserts, everything would just be floating around in their, maybe Crumpler could do an alternate insert.

    Further it would be nice to have one “better” pocket on the front, I say better cause the openings for the two pockets on the front are probably fine for little girl hands but not for the hands of an average guy.

    Thinking I’ll have to get a Thirsty Joe or something like that to put my phone in and attach that to the shoulder strap.

    Bur as a camera bag, I love it. Very glad for my purchase a whole week later.

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