Happy Anniversary

So today was my and David’s anniversary, this year we celebrate 11 years of non-wedded bliss. One day we’ll get married but it’s not yet legal… thanks Australia.

But honestly, I’ve been blessed and wouldn’t wish for my life to be any other way.

I’m sure I’ve told the story before, but it seems many are still surprised when I tell them how David and I met so I guess no one has read it yet.

Basically we met on the Internet, back in the days of IRC, we spent around six months chatting online before we actually met. Back then I was working for Optus and he for Westpac Bank. Back then I was 23 and he 20. The day we met, was the day I knew he was the one; I moved in that day and haven’t left since (of course we’ve moved about six times since then).

It seems like a long time ago, but the time has flown. There are days when I don’t remember life before David and I tell you I’m not missing anything that came before him.

He is my greatest love and he makes me happy every day. I don’t believe I remember a single day the he hasn’t made me laugh.

Thanks David for the last 11 years. Let’s see how many, many more we have in us.


  1. Congratulations! 11 years is like 30 in the gay world ;)

    My partner Matt and I met of all places, from our blogging!
    We’ve been together going on 2 years, and I made the move back east to be with him just a year ago this month. I can totally relate to the whole “online” dating thing. Never thought I would meet someone online, but here we all are.

    Many good wishes to you both!

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