Getting Paid For It

These past few weeks have been a whirl-wind moment in my life. Since starting my new job it’s like I don’t have time outside of work for anything else anymore and on some levels that is making me sad. But I am learning a lot and am coming to terms with what it is to work in a team again.

I am so used to being my own person, making the decisions about the direction of my work and being the one who meets with the client and discusses their options with them.

These days I’m more of a plebeian than I have ever been and I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, just takes some getting used to. These days I have to show my work to someone else before the client sees it, I have to treat some clients like kings (even if they are rude) and others like second class citizens (even if they are cordial and better organised).

Having said that, I’ve also spent the last few weekends doing other work, one job for free (with the promise of referrals) the other paid and potentially an ongoing arrangement. Yes it’s true I’m taking photos for money.


A few weeks back I spent a day photographing the Melton 2-day Motocross Meet near Tarneit, I was only there for the finals on Sunday. And I love it. I was in my element, live action, you can’t go wrong photography. Get the shot or miss out. I crave it.

2008-03-30 at 11-45-04
Victorian Junior Motocross Titles
2008-03-30 at 12-43-06
Victorian Junior Motocross Titles
Victorian Junior Motocross Titles
Victorian Junior Motocross Titles
Victorian Junior Motocross Titles

In a way it is like taking portraits of kids, you have to click at just the right time, almost preempting what is going to happen to ensure you get a “money shot”. And for the most part I think I did well. The client (a former work colleague) was very happy with the photos and I was too.

I came home spitting dust, with a shirt and socks that will never be white again and a couple of memory cards full of happiness.

The past two weekends however have been spent shooting houses, things that don’t move, things that should be easy to get a good shot from because there is nothing going on but setting the shot and snapping the shutter. Well it didn’t work that way for me.

It’s the first time I’ve really shot a full house layout and I can honestly admit I need more practice at this type of work. I can’t shoot a facade to save myself; but my interiors came up pretty good, though some will need colour correction before going to print.

Alfresco Master Bedroom

Again the client was more than happy, but I’d spent the last two weeks stressing about the photos I had taken and went out on four separate occasions to reshoot and still wasn’t 100% happy with what I came home with. I’m sure I could definitely do better with a wider-angle lens.

Lounge / Dining En suite

Sometimes I wonder if I’m too hard on myself regarding my work. All of my work. Sometimes I think, maybe, I just need to let go a little and relax.

Of course you can probably tell my favourite shoot was the motocross. I love working when you have to see the shot before it happens. And while I also love the idea of riding bikes (only the idea because no one in my life will let me own one) I really, really love shooting them and any type of action.

I’m gonna do a whole lot more of it, real soon.


  1. Your photos look great to me. Better than most house shots I’ve seen. I’d hire ya.
    Wow, this house is awesome. I love it!
    I’m with you on the action shots too. Nothing like capturing something in the moment as it’s happening.

  2. Note to self: Add this blog to my Newsgator. Great work with the photos. And the new job. I feel the same with my new job. So out of my comfort zone, but learning a lot (about the job and dealing with external clients!).

  3. Great photos, Tyroga.

    Isn’t it wonderful getting paid for something that you love doing. Now, if only we can live off it, hey? Props to you!

    Incidentally, that is one beautiful home.

  4. Thanks for all your wonderful comments, hopefully my work at doing this permenantly will start next weekend.

    The home is from Sherridon Homes. They make some nice homes, but they really need a door on the ensuite, which none of their homes have.

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