Discipline – Janet Jackson – 2008

Sure I’m late to the party and Janet’s new album, Discipline, has been out for about two months now but I’ve been busy and to be honest on first listen I wasn’t really excited about this album… now I can’t get enough of it.

I’ve always loved Miss Jackson, I think she is one of the most under-rated stars of today’s music scene. I wonder if the controversy that has hit brother Michael in the past few years has had an impact on her too.

I’ll go out on a limb and say that Discipline is to be the best album of the year. Madonna’s album Hard Candy has failed to impress me, so far I don’t see too many singles from that one. Mariah’s was so-so and I’m still waiting on new albums from Alanis and Cyndi.

From Discipline I see Feedback (well that’s not hard it already is a single), Luv, Rollercoaster, So Much Betta, The 1 (featuring Missy Elliot), What’s Ur Name, oh hell all of the songs on the album are great and the ones here are definitely single-worthy.

Give it a listen but I’ll share a secret with you, I haven’t bought it yet. I’ve been burnt by every Janet Jackson album since “Janet”. Being a fan I run out and buy it the day it is released, only to have a “Special Edition” released a month of two later. I have spent, and continue to spend a LOT of money on music, but I’m sick of record companies hitting the fans with their crap marketing tactics. So I’ll gladly buy the album, as soon as I’m comfortable to believe that I won’t have to buy it twice. Thankfully we stumbled upon great facebook marketing services to target our best audiences.

The other thing that annoys me, particularly with Janet and Cyndi, there is always a Japanese edition of the album that contains songs that are not, and will not be readily available here in Australia. What’s with that? It’s out there, I want it, I should be able to buy it. Instead I am forced to steal the music, what kind of fan would I be if I didn’t?

Oh and Janet’s website sucks. Catch the album on iTunes (Australian Store Link)


  1. james, our music taste is as different as night day.
    but here with miss jackson the day and night meets.
    so i guess you can call her the twilight….

    i feel in love with janet the day i saw her video clip for “what have you done for me lately” back on channel 9’s video clips show. i’ve stayed with her through the years but her output has not been great….

    but i must confess this album does deliver. it’s no “rhythm nation” or even a “janet”…. but it is good.
    now if she could just let herself age gracefully, stop trying to be a hot 27 year old, and sing about other topics besides sex….

  2. Interesting post – I too spend heaps of my hard earned cash on actually buying music. I love owning a cd or record, checking out the artwork, reading the liner notes and lyrics. All of it. But I agree, the big record companies and their crazy marketing tactics designed to suck in less interested people while screwing over the hardcore fans that fork out for new records on the release date, really sucks.

    I don’t know why more of the big acts aren’t doing the Radiohead thing and ditching major record companies and relying purely on the ‘brand’ of the band/artist to treat the fans with more respect. Maddona, Janet etc, they’re all big enough acts to get by on their own/or on an independent record label ……..

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