Zeitgeist – The Movie

From the guys that brought you Loose Change 911, the story of 9/11, comes Zeitgeist a look at the mass destruction of life as we know it, quietly and controlled and all with our permission.

Zeitgeist looks at the farce this is organised religion and pays particular attention the the story of Jesus and its correlation with other gods of the past, pre-dating Jesus. They go on to talk about how in the past, in the early days of astronomy constellations were first given their names and stories were made up about them and their movements in the sky.

They basically present three parts, Religion being the first, a recap of 9/11 and the need of the government to rule by fear being the second and finally the grand plan being part three. A look at the way the world will become ruled by a single government, that will basically be controlled by businesses.

Well there is no point of me writing out what is already done, go watch the film. You can view it directly on their site;  http://www.zeitgeistmovie.com/ they even provide a torrent file for you to download it.

I know it seems like a whole bunch of conspiracy theory BS but if it at least gets people talking and has them start asking questions it will have done it’s job.

I also think that a lot of what they say makes sense. Given past and recent history you can see that some of what they say may well come to pass. It’s not a future I would look forward to living it.

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