Too Much Tech in Sport

Sitting here watching the footy on a Thursday night and what pops up on the screen? Brendan Fevola’s heart rate, we’re seeing live information from a heart-rate monitor that Fev is wearing. Why? I can’t tell you, I’m not really sure how it improves our game watching experience.

At quarter time we’re presented with GPS travel information, showing the players who moved the most during the first quarter, and even the highest speed they achieved. Why? Again I have no idea. It’s all crap information that has no bearing on the game. And I hate it.

Not that I’ve ever watched a full game of cricket on TV. I really don’t like the game. But have noticed their use of heat cameras to see where the ball hits the bat, cameras and microphones in the stumps. It’s just insane. I just want to watch the game and enjoy the guys running around the field.

Oh and while I’m still watching the game, which Richmond are currently winning, if the commentators don’t stop referring to Fevola as “naughtly Fevola” I’m gonna scream. The reference is to his getting busted peeing on the window of an establishment. An incident only known about because of a security cam so far as I can tell, and had he been a regular punter rather than an AFL player, it would have been nothing.

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