Shopping Spree

Bang and Olufsen headphones

On Saturday we had ourselves a little shopping spree. We went into Melbourne and purchased a few items. The biggest of which was a new phone for home. Our old Telstra cordless system was around 4-5 years old, was losing charge to quickly and was, somehow, missing one of the two handsets. It had been missing for the past two or so years and never found after many search parties had been sent looking for it.

This time round we have gone with aUniden cordless system, with three handsets and a base station with integrated answering machine. At a cost of $239 it’s a pretty good system.

Before making the purchase though David wanted to check out Bang and Olufsen figuring that if we could get a B&O phone for not much more than we’d probably do that. But alas, they were much, much more. Their cheapest handset started at around $750, for handset, base and the cordless unit that attaches to the phone line. Additional handsets were around $550. They also have a cool looking cylindrical phone, kind of banana-shaped but it started at $1159 and was around $950 for additional handsets.

Not being able to purchase a phone from B&O I did get to indulge in their headphones, the B&O A8‘s and replace an old-old pair that were pretty much no longer functioning. They are the best headphones I’ve ever had, given their size, portability and sound reproduction. I’ve overjoyed to have a new pair.

Of course you’ll remember that not long ago I bought a pair of Sennheiser headphones and they are great, but they are impractical for the gym, and for things like mowing the lawn as my poor little ears get too hot with them on.

We also bought some more coffee from Nespresso in Myer and a USB Nokia phone charger for our mobile phones.


  1. I love these. I’m always tempted to buy them duty free when I fly QANTAS (they’re always featured in the QANTAS in-flight duty free catalogue). But then I wouldn’t get the whole B&O retail experience… I love fancy stores and packaging.

    I love Apple stores/packaging too.

  2. Dang I need me a serious pair of headphones. My Sony’s are OK, but I should invest in some quality. I can’t use ear-bud headphones – I find they let too much sound escape, and they always pop out of my ears. Maybe my ears are shaped all wrong.

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