Premonition (2007)

Sandra Bullock in PremonitionAny film starring Sandra Bullock is usually a good bet for a good film, except Miss Congeniality 2: Armed & Fabulous, but for the most part I like Sandra’s films. Premonition is a good fil, but not a great one.
When I noticed that Julian McMahon was in this movie too I was a little worried. To be honest, I’m not sure he’s done much other than be the Source in Charmed and husband to Dannii Minogue. So going into Premonition I was a little apprehensive.

Having lead with that, let me say that the first 20 minutes had me thinking. You see it is during this time that Sandra Bullock’s character, Linda Hanson, finds out her husband is dead and she starts to go through all the emotions that go along with losing a loved one. Trying to find the way to tell your children what had happened, that they would never see their father again.

I can’t imagine that pain. I can’t imagine that loss for words as you realise that nothing you say will console children who aren’t really able to comprehend… but then this is not what this movie is about.

Then to wake the next day and find him alive and eating breakfast and to live a day with him alive, but to then wake another day later and attend his funeral.

It’s a topsy turvy movie as we jump back, forward and all around. Is Jim dead, is he not? Has Linda gone crazy? And what happened to her daughter’s face?

I’m not sure everyone will like this movie, I’m thinking, if Memento made you think to hard you’ll find this one a little easier, especially as the pieces start to fall into place.

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