I Feel Like Cattle

So anyway, today I logged into Facebook for the first time in a little while, only to find that my friend Jennie Keogh has bid on me using the “Owned” application.

No sooner had I said fine, let Jennie own me for a measly dollar when whoomp I’ve been bought by a 19 year-old Texan named William Campbell who paid $51 to own me. Then he made a human gift of me to Chris Wehunt from Missouri.

I sent William an email expressing my sadness at being given away and now he has bought me back, YAY. I prefer to have one owner, but I understand that he needs to make more money and the only way he can do that is to buy and sell his commodities.

Owned Application on Facebook

Oh look Jennie has just bought me back, I’m now at $151.

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