Apple Slowly Slowly

The Age is reporting that the Sydney Apple store is almost ready to go and should be opening soon.

Plans for their Melbourne store seem to have fallen through some time ago, rumour is they failed to secure the site they wanted (currently a burger shop).

So I guess we’ll be making a pilgrimage to the Sydney store when it opens.

There are also rumours that Apple has two more stores in the works. Both in shopping centres; Chatswood Chase (Sydney) and Chadstone (Melbourne). As they are in centres it is not likely these two will be a jot on the three-storey store on the corner of King and George Streets in Sydney.

A good point, as I see it, is that Apple finally sees us as a descent sales outlet, hopefully that means we won’t have to wait so long when they release new products. And hey, maybe the opening of the Sydney store will also signal the launch of the iPhone here in Australia. Perhaps I should start saving my pennies now.


  1. There has been a LOT of speculation about which carrier will get the iPhone, main talk is now Optus. Word on the street is that we may get the first 3G version of the phone.

    With EDGE Telstra is a shoe-in, they are the only ones with an Edge-based network (they call it Next-G), however investing the the Next G network (which is only considered 2.5 G they didn’t bother with a 3G network, I think Optus and Vodafone both have dedicated 3G networks.

    Also on Optus, being wholly owned by SingTel there is talk that SingTel’s conglomerate in Asia may pick up the deal for the whole Asia-Pacific region, which means Optus would be the carrier for Australia.

    Either way, latest reports have the phone definitely launching this year, so I’m hanging for that big time.

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