iPhoto’s Printing in Australia

If you’re an iPhoto user you probably already know that the 7.1.2 came with a nice little bonus for Australian users. Photos, photo books, calendars, postcards etc are now available for print. And yep I’ve already tried out the service and received my first lot of photos today.

Basically I ordered 26 photos, all 4 x 6, plus one of them as an 8 x 10. I ordered it on the 07/02/2008 and received them today 18/02/2007 in a nice cardboard wallet with an Apple logo that says, “Your Pictures are here”.

The colours are fantastic, the prints nice and glossy, I was very impressed. I guess they only thing I’d like to see different would be a faster turn-around time. But 11 days isn’t so long to wait.

When I showed others, their first question was “can you print in matte” and “can you add borders”. I’m pretty sure the answer to both questions is no, but I’m not certain, I’ll check it out when next I order.
Later this week I plan on putting an order in for a photo book to see how it comes out, you never know family might be getting them for Christmas :P


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