I Love Molly Wood

I Love Molly Wood ShirtWell I like Molly Wood, she’s great, but apparently someone out there LOVES Molly Wood enough to make a T-shirt for her and sell it on shop.com.

It’s a way-cool concept but not one I’m probably going to embrace.

Who is Molly Wood? You ask.

Molly Wood is a presenter of audio and video podcasts on CNet. Her audio podcasts include Gadgettes (a gadget blog with a girly spin) and my favourite Buzz Out Loud, which she chairs with Tom Merritt. Buzz Out Loud is a daily (weekdays) show about technology news. Molly and Tom do a great job making the news interesting and entertaining, and I’m left a little hollow on the days when the US has a holiday and I don’t get my daily dose of Tom and Molly.

Molly also does video podcasts for CNet. The two I watch religiously are Mailbag, which is about the feedback that CNet receives – an inspired method of communicating with your audience in regard to their feedback. The other is The Buzz Report which is a short 3-5 minute video where Molly Wood wraps up the tech news for the week. Both are funny more than informative, but both are well worth a watching.

You can find out more about Molly Wood via the Molly Wood Page on Wikipedia page or the newly-formed BuzzTown Wikia page. Also check out the Buzz Out Loud page on CNet. And of course if you really want to, you can buy the I Love Molly Wood shirt at shop.com.


  1. Yep, Molly is pretty cool. I think she doesn’t get the respect of the Veronica’s, Cali’s, iJustine’s, Morgan’s, et al, but she can definitely hold her own in any tech discussion.

  2. I do love Molly, DJP I don’t know what you think is wrong with her, she always makes me smile in her videos. I love mailbag and the Buzz Report cause her expressions are great.

    Anjuan I agree, she’s not a total glamour, but she’s not ugly by a long shot. And I’ve seen her in a couple of forums and you’re completely right, she holds her own very well.

  3. I dont think Molly is cool. She think’s she’s funny when she’s not AT ALL. She needs to smile less with her horse like mouth (shows way too much gums when she smiles) Buzz out Loud podcast needs to change up their staff and keep Tom and add DelConte as the everyday host. This should keep BOL more of an informative podcast vs trying to be a comedy hour show.

  4. Thanks for your comments Robert, but I’d hate for Buzz Out Loud to change in any way… I like it just the way it is. I’ve been listening for way, way, way too long and love it too much to have them change it up now.

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