DANCE Australia – Competition Time

So finally all of the crap is out of the way and the real dancing has begun. I hate all the crap stuff they do at the beginning of these shows; where they show the train-wrecks and people who are willing to make fools of themselves.

Of course the show is actually called “So You Think You Can Dance – Australia” but for some reason Channel 10 is just advertising it as Dance Australia, I guess it’s easier to say.

As a first look I gotta say I’m a little concerned. They have copied the American set down to a T, so much so that I’m thinking maybe they just shipped the American set over here.

Unfortunately they have also copied another show for format: Australian Idol. Each of the routines is preceded with a clip package of background on the dancer, and most of it is crap we’ve already heard during the search for the top 20. I mean what is the story with that, it interupts the flow of the show and is irellivent to the actual dancing.

I’m liking the dancers they are so respectful of their partners and are making great couples, but I’m not a fan of the judges, they are just irritating.  There was also a few hiccups with lighting and sound which I hope the address before next week.

Also, I’m wondering if Sermsah is a plant. He comes across as so not confident, but he is so good on stage I’m wondering if it’s all a show. Either way he does pretty well for himself and was fun to watch, as were most of the other dancers.

Oh and maybe they should call the who, “So you think you can dance with no shirt” cause it seemed like all the guys have lost their clothes, which of course is not a bad thing :P

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  1. Great to see you getting into it. Michelle and I love the show, and try to catch it every week.

    I find it’s heaps better than Idol. Instead of it being a popularity contest (to some extent), it seems to be more about the skill, versatility and the passion. And I love the judges. They don’t carry on cause one is the “criticism guy”. All the comments are constructive criticism, and they are totally less annoying than what’s on Idol.

    hmmm. Maybe I’ve got a soft spot for dancing. At least more that for singing.

  2. Hey Simon, I totally get being more interested in the dance than the music. As an ex-dancer myself, I know you wouldn’t think it but it’s true, I LOVE dance shows. We’ve never really had anything like it before.

    And all right, given that I wrote this halfway through the show, I should have waited until the end to pass judgment on the judges. They did an alright job, and while I don’t like Jason’s delivery, he is the one who is the most honest with them and for that he should be applauded.

    Loving the show so far, hope they do away with the little personal pieces before each performance.

  3. my wife benita is ADDICTED to this show, she was totally into the american seasons BIG TIME… {i should see if they are doing it in any other english speaking countries and bit torrent them}
    anyway… i watch the show very occasionally – and the production values are excellent, and it is by far 100 times better than any singing competition!

    as far as simon goes, you has dancing in his BLOOD man, i have seen your “points”!

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