Crazy Week

What a crazy week this past week has been.

I’ve finished up at one job, turned 34 and started a new job. It has been a busy, busy week.

I woke early and David presented me with the book “Son of a Witch”, which is the follow-up to “Wicked”. I’m excited to start reading it.

The final day at work was also my birthday and my team were amazing, decorating my desk, providing a massive angel food cake (huge thanks to Sue’s sister Lana, the chef). I also received a going away present which included an Italian leather folio, a pen and the book “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway” (which is coming in handy).

My final days at Burbank Australia were both sad and joyous. Sad because I’ve stopped working with some of the best people I’ve ever worked with. It is rare to find people you connect with so well. They’ll be missed day to day, but they aren’t gone forever, our journey is just beginning.

As the day I left was also my birthday, fitting two big things in at once. For my farewell dinner we made a trek to Yarraville and enjoyed a dinner and some drinks at the Commercial Hotel. The guys mentioned that it was my birthday and the bar staff handed over $50 worth of drink cards (with Dolly Parton on it).

As it was a Thursday, it was also “gay” night at the Commercial, but I have to say, as it as my first time there, that if they don’t take down all the decorations, it must look pretty gay all the time!

The drag show (that started late at 10.30 pm) was OK, but wasn’t a touch on the shows we used to see at the Albury (now a Puma store) in Sydney. But they were entertaining enough. Not certain what Vedran thought, it was his first time to a drag show and I haven’t really gotten his reactions just yet.

When I arrived home I was joyous to find two-dozen red roses from David. They were the same type of roses he bought me and had sent to my work when we first met, almost 11 years ago.

Being as silly as I am, I didn’t even think about the dates I’d given to my new employer, and I started at my new job on the Friday. Which turned out to be fine. I got to start on a casual day, and got to work on a couple of cool tasks.

The weekend was also full-on, we hosted a dinner party for our friends Nikki, Ben and Trudi who were cashing in vouchers we gave them last year as birthday presents. I have to say David really turned it on.

All I had to do for the day was clean the house, and go shopping with him. Other than that I was sitting back and enjoying the dinner that was served. David did an awesome job.

I’ve now survived my first week at my new job, though it wasn’t a hard task. It’s a great place to work. And my concerns about working directly with David are unfounded, we don’t really have that much to do with each other, given that we are working on different projects.

I gotta say thought, this year’s birthday was very low-key. I only received TWO phone calls from well wishers, most others opted for SMS and a couple even coming through the day before. Maybe all my years of saying I don’t really care about my birthday have finally be heard, but I gotta say I felt a little unloved.

Back to work tomorrow for my second week. It’ll be another fun one. Hope y’all having a great time of late, sorry I’ve been a little quiet.


  1. A bazillion apologies! I’m a bad friend!

    Here I am, finally catching up on your blog, and realise I missesd your birthday. :(
    I’m so sorry Jamie. In my defense, for some reason my calendar only had it listed for last year and not this year. I’ll smack Mark one and tell him to pass it on to the relevant parties at Microsoft.

    So, HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY! We still love you, we’re just slow. Can’t wait to see you in a few weeks time! :)

  2. Thanks Craig,

    No problems at all, I’m certain you’re super busy prepping for your world-wide tour and I’m happy that you’re getting that sorted so we get to see you guys.

    Rather than send your grievances to Microsoft, switch to a Mac, that’ll teach ’em :P

    With the death of our Media Center a week or so ago we are now a Mac only home. Scary but true. For the first time in about 20 years I have no PC to use. Of course we do have Parallels which lets us use Windows on our machines.

    Not long to go til you’re back on home soil, and lots of other soils around the world.

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