2012 Doomsday (2008)

2012 DoomsdayBy my reckoning this movie went straight to DVD and just from the opening before the credits I can see why. The movie is bad… the acting is bad, and the storyline, what I can make of it just 15 minutes in is really bad.

The Director or the Director of Photography,  or the editor or who ever is responsible for the seemingly odd cuts, the constant cut in, cut-out of frames is annoying.

And the constant updating of where we are with typewriter sound effect that sounds like it comes out of Microsoft’s Powerpoint is the most annoying thing of all.

I know I should watching it, but like a car crash I can’t turn away.

I suppose if anything disturbs me about this movie it’s a connection to some dreams I was having about a year ago. It involved the end of mankind and the saving force being found in a Mayan temple in South America. Guessing maybe someone else has had the same dreams and this is how they interpreted them.

Either way, it has become a bad movie that can only end poorly. I’m kind of glad I didn’t pay to see it, but maybe I could have had input on what I dreamed.
Wow there you go, I didn’t know until now about they Mayan Doomsday prophecy, when it is predicted that the Mayans only created their calendar to December 21, 2012 11:11 am because they believed that this is when life on earth would effectively end. So there you go. We don’t have so long left to live.

I shouldn’t have wasted some of my last years watching this movie.

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