The Phantom of the Opera – Melbourne

The Phantom of the OperaToday we partook in the present we received from Jody for Christmas. Our two tix to the matinée of The Phantom of the Opera and I have one question for Australians. Is there ANYONE out there who has seen the latest run of the show and managed to see Anthony Warlow play the Phantom?

I first saw The Phantom of the Opera about 13-14 years ago in Sydney, the first time it ran. Even back then it was to have Anthony Warlow as the Phantom but alas he did not perform at our performance. Instead back then his part was played by Rob Guest… and Rob did a great job.

Today our Phantom was played by Roy Weissensteiner. And he was quite accomplished. There were parts though where the audio was obviously pre-recorded, these times have the Phantom’s voice coming from multiple areas in the theatre and it sounded to me like it was actually Anthony Warlow’s voice rather than that of Roy.

Everyone put in great performances, and as always I felt the rush you feel from a live performance rather than a show in a can like a DVD gives.

This was David’s first time to see Phantom and he enjoyed it. The folks to the other side of me thought it was over at intermission and asked others around us if that was the end, and commenting on how good it was. Finally someone explained the concept of the intermission and the folks were happy to return for the second act.

Before Phantom we went to Waterfront City at Melbourne’s Docklands and partook in some lovely lunch  from James Squires, the food was excellent, if a little on the pricey side. I guess being a tourist destination everything at Docklands is a little pricey, not good to know there will be two of us working there in a matter of weeks.

While eating our lunch, one of the barmen came out and gave us some tix for the Australian Open, so next Sunday, for the first time in my life, I’m off to a sporting event in the city of sports. 2008 will also be the year to attend a few AFL games. Now that we’re both working for the company that does the AFL Record, we’d better put in a showing at at least a few games, besides I kind of got into watching the AFL last year… and it was good that the team we picked to follow got up and won!

So that was my day, we had intended on going ice skating at Docklands this afternoon, but one of us (not me) doesn’t wear socks with his sneakers, and there is no where to buy such things in Docklands (yet, we’re getting a COSTCO soon, do they sell that stuff??). In short we didn’t get to go skating just yet. Which is kind of OK, as I have a size 15 shoe, I kind of stress about getting ones that fit. Maybe we’ll try next week.

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