The Pez is in the House

Our return from Sydney included the return of our happy little kitty, Perry.

Since moving to Melbourne three years ago, Perry has been living with my Sister, Jennifer. He has enjoyed a happy life but in recent times has become surly and has taken on some bad habits.

Jennifer things these are related to a new cat that has moved into the neighbourhood.

After a ten-hour trip, with Perry meowing most of the way, we have two dogs, a cat and two bunnies. Not sure how the happy family is going to work. I was thinking that I’d have to give up the bunnies (as they are house rabbits and may not play nicely with a house cat) but picking them up today from the Catery and looking at the cute little things there is no way I can get rid of them.

So the next few weeks should be interesting, while Perry adjusts to being an indoor cat again (after three years of roaming) and while the rest of the pets get used to each other again.

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