The Nines (2007)

The Nines - Movie PosterA movie starring Ryan Reynolds is always going to get my attention. When that movie is unavailable through conventional means of course I’m going to download it.

The Nines is one of those movies. Released in 2007 and co-starring Melissa McCarthy (of Gilmore Girls fame) and Hope Davis The Nines starts off with Reynolds as Gary, a TV action star, from there it progresses into realms very few movies have before.

As an independent film it hasn’t received the press it deserves and while some people have called it confusing and a “mind fuck” film, I don’t think it was that hard to follow, but then I kind of related to the main character.

Follow the link to read more, I didn’t want to post it before the jump, because it contains some serious spoilers. If you’ve found your way here via some link and your on this post’s page, don’t read beyond here if you haven’t seen the movie.

All of the actors did great jobs with their roles. I’d gladly watch this movie again and even buy it if I can find it in a store!

I really liked this movie, not just because it was over an hour and a half of Ryan Reynolds but also because the idea of existence it paints hits home quite well.

Who hasn’t thought of the possibility that they may be an eternal being, capable of creating worlds and being in control of the destinies of its inhabitants. To be able to live, watching your creation grow and flourish. To scrap it all and start again on a whim.

This is what Ryan Reynolds character is, he and several other characters are Nines. Only he has forgotten who he is and the other Nines have come looking for him, hoping to remind him.

His fixation with one of his creations, Melissa McCarthy’s character (which at one point is Melissa McCarthy), has kept him within his creation, rather than an overseeing deity he should be.

If you’ve read other pages in this blog, you’ll know that I sometimes entertain this exact view of the world. In some ways I really “got” what the creator of The Nines (Writer and Director: John August) was saying.

I recommend the Nines to all Ryan Reynolds fans and those who entertain a God complex.


  1. It screened in UK cinemas last year. I saw it with Dan; I’m glad I did, I needed him to explain it to me. Your simple and clear explanation helped too.

    I’m a Ryan fan (although he murdered – no pun intended – his role in the Amityville Horror remake). But, he looks great in it (and in The Nines), so I don’t mind. Am I shallow?

    I haven’t stopped by your blog in ages. Not sure what happened, I used to subscribe via Newsgator. Better sort that out and become a regular reader again.

    Oh, BTW, happy birthday!

  2. Ohhh yeah, I get it, you are so not shallow. I’m right with you. I loved Amityville remake BECAUSE Ryan was in it. :P

    I can’t wait to get this one in high definition ;)

    Thanks for the B’day wishes.

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