The Invasion (2007)

The InvasionYet another movie made retelling an old tale with a modern-day spin.

Nicole Kidman plays a Psychiatrist in this tension filled sci-fi adventure movie. Nicole is a good actor, her role of Satine in Moulan Rouge was flawless. But an action hero she is not.

There was of course one moment when she shot her lover (Daniel Craig) in the leg which was quite a memorable moment.

Basically “The Invasion” is a retelling of “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” first made in 1956 and revised in 1978. There were also versions “Body Snatchers” in 1993 and “The Faculty” in 1998.

The 2007 version brings nothing new to the story, except for the fact (and there be spoilers beyond this) that the humans are not replaced, but infected with an alien virus that takes over their lives, while retaining all of the memories of the host.

It’s a story about peace on earth, and the fact that as humans, we will probably never have it. It is also the story of a mother’s will to protect her child.

The Invasion is not a bad movie, it has its moments of suspense. It also has a rather gross method of transmitting the virus from person to person.

Interesting to note, the film wrapped shooting in 2006, but after being delivered to the studio had to undergo rewrite and re-shoot in early 2007. Apparently the studio didn’t like the direction of Oliver Hirschbiegel.

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