Ring, Ring

Telephone off the hookWhat a great song it is from Abba, and not a bad one from Mika either, but I’m not talking about a song.

I’m currently sitting in a tiny little telephone office that serves an Australian minority group, waiting for those in need to call.

About once every two weeks this is how I spend my night. Waiting for the phone to ring… but it’s not always the same night and it’s sometimes, like tonight, dead.

I don’t mind too much, having it be a little quiet, it may well mean what the guy at the reception of the building said, we’ve done a great job and no one needs anymore counseling. But alas I don’t think it’s true.

More truth be told, it is probably that, of late, we’ve been very short staffed (being volunteers and all) and haven’t had the best coverage on shifts. And maybe we’ve missed some callers because of that.

But we do what we can. So if you’re ever in need of help, or an ear to listen, look up your local counseling place in the front of the white pages and give them a call.

I’m officially not allowed to announce who I work for, and I wouldn’t any way. But I’m sure all the services give the same great support.

So if you’re down, or need a chat, just to work some stuff out in your head, pick up the phone and get some great anonymous counseling. It’ll do you wonders.

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