Random Words

I breath hard, mouth dry, I shove myself into a recess against the wall, hoping beyond hope they won’t see me.

They round the corner, I hear their steps on  the wet asphalt.

My heart races harder. I feel and hear each beat in my ears.

They call out, taunting me: “Hey faggot, we got something for you to chew on, a whole lot of something”.

Just something that jumped into my head one day. Not sure where it came from or why. The closest I’ve come to this type of taunting was walking home from a night out through Penrith on the way home from the train station. It must have been about 1am, I would have caught the last train from the city.

I was walking down the street between Nepean Square and Panthers Leagues Club, passing the Penrith Football grounds when a car with four guys in it slowed down to call out and taunt. Finally ending with their wish for me and other gays to be dead. They then drove off.

I tried to ignore them, tried not to listen to their words, knowing that they couldn’t KNOW I was gay, but their words got the better of me. As they drove off, I started running.

I doubt I have ever run so fast in my life, nor may I ever run so fast again.

Rather than taking my feet away from the guys with the big mouths I was running across the grassed area  between the stadium and Mulgoa Road, heading for Jamison Road.

For those who don’t know the area, which will be most readers, it was not a short way… but I ran, knowing that the car would have to go that way.

As they slowed to enter the round-a-bout I slammed both hands on the front and rear passenger side windows.

Not sure if it was the fact that I was there so fast, that they hadn’t expected me to chase them or it may have been a certain look on my face. They freaked and sped off through the round-a-bout, narrowly missing another car.

What was just going to be a post about some random prose written off-handedly, turned out to be a recount of a moment in my life… sorry about that little rat-hole.

Guess a telling point is I don’t scare easily by bullies, I don’t think anyone in my family ever has. I won’t run from a just fight, I’ll stand my ground for what I believe in.


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